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The Centre of Healing – Case study

Client profile

The Centre of Healing is a holistic therapeutic centre located on the Gold Coast with the idea to bring knowledge and healing to the world by offering holistic treatments and courses. They wanted to create a brand that brings positivity and, at the same time, inspire action to change your world. Also, they want to create a website where they can connect with people and centralise all the booking and communication in just one place.

Our approach

After an excellent discovery session with the owner, we understood their needs and what they spect from a brand since that was a new business and the first time they were investing in a professional look. We develop all the branding, create a unique website integrating all the tools for communication ( booking system, lead generation, contact) and an online shop cart to sell the presential courses they offer at the Centre. Our team also makes a photoshoot with the team to ensure that all photos and videos for the materials look professional and sharp.


We develop a brand bringing some iconic symbols that are very special for the centre owner, the rainbow and a lightning bolt. The brand has meanings in different levels, which is precisely the soul of the Centre, but The main message is that the journey is different for each person (rainbow), but everyone can act and have the power to change (lighting bolt).


The website is very clean and easy to navigate, integrating all the symbology that the owner wants to transmit but keeping the consistency on the brand we create. All the images are optimised for performance on all devices, and the shop cart was integrated with the booking system to create an easy way to control the day to day business.


The photos and videos of the website are part of our idea to create trust and professionalism without losing the human touch that is the biggest part of the centre culture.

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