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ASC – Case Study

Client profile

All Surface Concepts is a 100% Australian owned family business located in Queensland. The owners have over 20 years of experience in surface preparation and installation in NSW and decided to use this experience to create a company to serve the Queensland market.

Our approach

Our team develop all the materials for this new business, starting with branding and collateral materials and translating this for a brand new website. The briefing was simple: creating something out of the box without a “tradie” look, bringing a concept of design and modernity.


The concept behind this logo is the Importance of a well-done execution, new ideas and the attention of the details to bring a new look to the customers home. The futurist look and colour pallet bring a young and fresh creative mentality to the company, separating them from the crowd. Another important aspect is the attention of the details as each letter has unique details without losing perfect symmetry and balance, translating the commitment with a perfect project delivered to the clients.
Tri-Fold BrochureASC
Tri-Fold BrochureASC03


The Website project focuses on results and lead generation, keeping the website clean and modern with the images (portfolio) taking most of the attention leading to a contact form to motivate the requesting of quotes.

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